What counties will my business be listed under?
Your business will show up under the county it is located in. If you wish for your business to show up in other counties you will need to purchase a county ad for the other county.

Can I design my own ad?
Yes, you may design your own ad. The ad must be 140x198 pixels in size. If you design the ad 1.943"x2.75" at 300 dpi we can reduce it down. But please remember: less is more. The fewer words and the larger you make the words, the more effective they will be. The ad will be linked to your website. It only needs to get their attention, your website will do the rest.

What are top level ads?
Top level ads are the ads on the first pages (or top pages) of the NorthwoodsToday.com website. These pages are viewed by more people because you have to go through them to see the other pages. Kinda like passing through the entry room of a house. Because these pages get more views the price is higher on them. These include: home page, all about us pages, county list page, article list page, top level business, top level event pages and others.

If I write an article what do I get?
The short answer is, it depends. We are looking for content, but we especially want good content. So after seeing a sample of your writing we will contact you with an offer. The offer will also depend on the agreed upon frequency of the article(s). Most contracts at this point will include free advertising at one level or another. You will also have the ability to promote your business, industry or event within the article itself. Please email samples to Articles E-mail E-mail Articles

What kind of articles are you looking for?
We are looking for articles about the Northwoods. These can be just about anything related to the Northwoods of Wisconsin, Michigan or Minnesota. In particular, we are looking for articles about attractions, events (upcoming and past), news, and advice about such things as fishing, water skiing, real estate, etc. If it has to do with living life in the Northwoods, we are interested.

What does it cost to list my events on NWT?
Currently there is no charge to list events. Email your events to Events E-mail E-mail Events and we will post them on our site. If you want them linked to your business on NorthwoodsToday.com, the starting rate is $20.00 and this gives you unlimited events linked to your business. For other options, see our business listing page.

How do I get my events on NWT?
Email your event to Events E-mail E-mail Events to link it to your business. To join NorthwoodsToday.com for just $20.00 e-mail Sales E-mail E-mail Sales

Can my ad be animated?

Currently, ads may not be animated. In the future we will be offering additional advertising packages that may include things such as animated ads, as well as large ads and other specialty features.

How often can I change my ad, and what does it cost?
You can change your ad as often as you would like. The cost to have us change the artwork is $65 and to change the ad itself is $25.

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