Advertising on has several price levels to accommodate any business advertising budget.

Our pricing starts at just $20 per year to put your name and all of your events on our website.

To talk to one of our sales reps about the many affordable packages we have to offer please Email us at Sales E-mail E-mail Sales. One of our sales reps will contact you with our packages and pricing.

Package Descriptions

Business Listings (features and options maybe adjusted, changed or added at anytime)

Basic Business Listing -  This is our smallest package available. It includes only basic information: name, address, phone number and a brief description (300 characters including spaces). Your business will be listed under one business type of your choice. It does not include a web link or email address. Events can be emailed to and they will be linked to your business.

Standard Business Listing - This listing is free with a CWS web site and/or a 12 month county ad. This package includes: name, address, phone number, website, email address, a small logo and a description (up to 3000 characters). Your business will be listed under up to 3 business types of your choice. Add your own events whenever you want.

Deluxe Business Listings - Includes all the features as the standard business list, plus customizable business description, larger logo or picture, editable business listing, your own customizable event calendar, no ad's on your details page. Additional features as soon as they are available including: link to Google map of your business location, free employment postings, unlimited coupons and package deals and more to come.

Organizations - Nonprofit organizations can be listed on NWT for free. These listings will be comparable to the standard business listing. They will be limited to business type of nonprofit, and can not be listed under any paid business types.

Ad Packages

County Ad - This is a 140x198 pixel ad located to the left or right of the content. These ads appear at the county level and each county is purchased individually (you can purchase an all counties package at a discounted rate). This ad includes design and a link to the website of your choice. These ads will appear at random each time the page is loaded.

Additional County Ad - You can purchase additional counties at a discounted rate.

Top Level Page Ad - The ads on the first pages (or top pages) of the NWT website. These pages are viewed by more people because you have to go through them to see the other pages. Kinda like passing through the entry room of a house. because these pages get more views the price is higher on them. These include: home page, all about us pages, county list page, article list page, top level business, top level event pages and others. The top level pages can purchased with or without a county level ad.

All Counties Ad - This option puts your ad on all counties and the top level pages for one flat rate. With this option you get the most bang for your buck. With this option you can opt for monthly payments for your ad, there is a small up charge for the payment option.

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