About Northwoods Today

About Northwoods Today

NorthwoodsToday.com has a simple purpose with big goals. We are here to promote tourism in the Northwoods. More and more people are searching the web for their destination choices and event planning. Chambers offer an essential service for providing event information online, but what they can’t, and don’t, do is tell their visitors what may be happening in the town just 5-10 miles away. NorthwoodsToday.com does this by offering a comprehensive list of businesses, events, places to see and more. Our goal is to show potential tourists the many thing to do and places to see year round.

What can NorthwoodsToday.com do for your business? - Simply put NorthwoodsToday.com can help drive business to your website. NorthwoodsToday.com, with its size and promotional techniques, can create a larger presence on the internet than most single companies can. We also offer many search options within our site. This allows our visitors to easily find the events and
businesses they are looking for.

What will be on NorthwoodsToday.com? - NorthwoodsToday.com is not simply a list of businesses and events. It is, in essence, an online magazine. We do have a comprehensive list of businesses, organizations and events; but we also have online articles about the Northwoods and travel. We are building a database of detailed descriptions of locations and destinations in the Northwoods. We will have photo and writing contests as well as many other features currently under development.


How are we going to generate traffic?

Social Networking - Social Networking is a critical part of any modern marketing plan. NorthwoodsToday.com has a Facebook page where we will enter featured events each day. We will also list featured businesses and post contests.

Print Media - Although we believe that the internet is currently one of the best mediums for marketing events and businesses, we do believe print can help drive business to a website. It is our intent to market in several print mediums. This includes rack cards located around Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, Midwest travel and tourism magazines as well as newspapers and other print media.

Articles - A big part of driving traffic to a website is the content. NorthwoodsToday.com will not only list businesses and events but we will have articles written by local authors. These articles will be about the Northwoods, events, organizations and businesses. This additional content on our site will help to drive search engine traffic to the NorthwoodsToday.com web site.


Writers Wanted! - Do you fancy yourself a writer? Do you want to promote your area, business, event or organization? Submit an article to us (with pictures if available) by e-mailing it to Articles E-mail E-mail Articles. Our editor will review your article and publish those that are found to be relevant to the Northwoods (see our website for more details).

Events Wanted - Please send us your events so we can post them on NorthwoodsToday.com by emailing them to Events E-mail E-mail Events


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